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Orthotics in Adelaide at Pro Podiatry SA

What are Orthotics?

Foot orthoses (orthotics) are inserts made to fit in everyday foot-wear, these are specifically designed to help support and align the foot and lower limb – ultimately working to improve the function of the foot as a whole. Re-aligning the foot and ankle joints using customised orthotics has also shown to yield favourable results in treating knee, hip and back pain as well as a plethora of lower limb complications ranging from plantar fasciitis through to offloading high pressure areas that may be causing problems due to hard skin build up.

Orthotics can be suitable for:

  • All foot types and all ages depending on the lower leg pathology presented
  • Sports people who want to maximise performance or address biomechanical problems
  • The elderly who want to regain ambulation have
  • Anyone suffering from foot or lower limb conditions which are limiting mobility

Here at Pro Podiatry SA, our orthotics are personalised to each individual with a thorough assessment undertaken including the latest, state of the art digital imaging process. We will help with fitting the devices, footwear advice and follow up appointments to ensure the best outcome possible.

At Pro Podiatry SA you also have the option of having your orthotics made by the Podiatrist themselves (rather than a lab) which ensures the best possible care and outcomes are provided for each individual situation/problem.

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