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So it’s been a while since your last orthotic review….

Like anything, orthotics can wear over time. Changes can also occur in your body that might be effecting how your orthotic is wearing. That is why it’s important to have your foot orthoses checked yearly. At Pro Podiatry, we value your health, so we are currently offering a GAP FREE orthotic review to ensure your orthotics are still appropriate to keep you moving and active.

Make the most of your private health funds before it renews at the end of the calendar year. Simply fill in the booking request form below and one of our team members will be in touch to arrange an appointment. Don’t have Podiatry Cover? Don’t worry, we’ll do your orthotic review assessment for $50 – a saving of $30 from our standard consult fee!

Looking forward to seeing you in the practice.


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A range of podiatry services throughout Adelaide

Our Adelaide podiatrist team is highly skilled and extremely competent in all areas of care, with special interests in sports podiatry, injury management and rehabilitation. Working with the utmost care, dedication and professionalism, we aim to give you the best possible treatment.

If orthotics are considered necessary, we take pride in custom orthotic fabrication to the utmost precision for the specification of each individual patient. In materials that are designed to last, your orthotics will provide you with long-lasting support.

Our Adelaide Podiatry team also offer a high level of expertise in podiatry modalities, such as:

  • Foot and Gait Assessments
  • Diabetic Foot Assessments
  • Paediatric Foot Assessment and Care
  • Footwear Assessment and Advice
  • Toe Nail and Skin Management
  • Wart Treatment and Toe Nail Surgery, including for fungal nail conditions

With clinics scattered throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, you’ll never struggle to find one in a location near you.

Each purpose-built medical centre is dedicated to providing you service across a range of areas, including heart health, skin cancer checks and general practice.

Check out our clinics locations above for a podiatrist near you. With a range of services, you’ll be able to access the right treatment for you.

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