Podiatrist In Adelaide

Podiatrist In Adelaide

Adelaide’s Leading Podiatric Health Services

Pro Health Care is a reputable healthcare company that specialises in providing quality podiatrists, among other health services in Adelaide. We are a family-run organisation that launched in 2007, whose ethos and core values stem from three general practitioners who served in Adelaide for more than 35 years. Therefore, you can be sure that with us, you are placing your health in the hands of professionals who care.

At Pro Health Care, we focus on providing a comprehensive approach to the health and wellbeing of our patients. We also aim at providing a range of clinicians and services under one roof. Whether you need a nutritionist, a physiotherapist, a dentist, remedial massage services, or any other medical services, you can find it in any of our cutting-edge facilities in Adelaide.

Talk to our friendly professionals for a consultation today. Apart from face to face consultations, we also offer telecommunication consultations if you don’t have time to get to any of our convenient locations.

Why Our Podiatrist Services Are Preferred in Adelaide

Our health care facility prides itself on providing some of the most professional, friendly, and competent podiatrists you’ll find in Adelaide. We have a team of over ten podiatrists who have different interests in sports podiatry, rehabilitation, and injury management. They will listen to your requirements and find the proper treatment depending on your present needs. We will also carry out comprehensive assessments and communicate with our patients on the best way forward.

Please note that we structure all our facilities around patients. Therefore, if we assess you and find that you may require other health care services for your injury, we can send you to the required practitioner within the same facility.

Also, if you require orthotics, our podiatrist will create a custom fabrication for you and modify it to your desires.

Podiatrist In Adelaide
Podiatrist In Adelaide

Signs That You Need to See a Podiatrist in Adelaide

Usually, most patients ignore seeing a podiatrist in Adelaide when they have slight discomfort in their feet or ankles. However, you must understand that any pain in your leg, regardless of how minor it is, is not something you should ignore. Seeing a doctor can assist in restoring your foot to its original state.

Some of the problems you should immediately contact a doctor for include:

  • If you experience numbness or an unusual swelling on your foot
  • Notice toenail fungus to prevent thickening and discolouration of your nails or further spread to other toes
  • If you get continuous heal pain
  • If you have broken, sprained, fractured your foot or ankle
  • If you have recurring athlete’s foot
  • Patients with Diabetes who run the risk of foot problems

Call Pro Health Care today for specialised podiatric services in Adelaide.

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