Plantar Fasciopathy

Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar Fasciopathy is an overuse injury of the plantar fascia which is located underneath the heel and extends out to the ball of the foot. The plantar fascia plays an important role in providing arch support and shock absorption. Having a flat foot, high arched foot or tight calves can predispose you to this condition and is often seen in runners and older adults.

Pain is usually located underneath the inside area of the heel however can radiate in more severe cases. The pain is often sharp and worst with the first few steps out of bed or after long periods of standing. Pain will generally decrease with activity but will then increase throughout the day as activity increases. In 50% of cases a heel spur is also present however this usually does not contribute to symptoms.

The podiatrists at Pro Podiatry SA are very experienced in the assessment, management and treatment of Plantar Fasciopathy. Treatment typically begins with RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), deep tissue massage of the arch and stretching of the calf and plantar fascia. Footwear and orthotics can play an important role in helping to offload the plantar fascia to allow it to heal. In some cases anti-inflammatory medication, shockwave therapy and night splints can be used to relieve symptoms however they are more effective when used in combination with other treatments.

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