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Low back pain can be a disabling condition despite the fact there is lots of research that highlights mostly all causes of back pain are not caused by serious harmful conditions. At ProPhysio SA, our team of physiotherapists are currently running a low back pain clinic to help people who are suffering from acute to persistent low back pain.

Our physiotherapists are capable of helping you better understand how to improve your quality of life by reducing the disabling effects of low back pain whilst at the same time helping you identify and address the contributing factors.

Simply fill in the booking request and one of our team members will be in touch to arrange an appointment. Assessments are limited to 10 per month so don’t miss your chance to be assessed at our low back pain clinic and arrange an exclusive consultation with one of our highly skilled physiotherapists today.


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Our physio’s will spend a dedicated consultation assessing your spine to determine whether any biomechanical issues and/or strength deficits are contributing to the maintenance of symptoms. Please come prepared with any concerns and previous investigations. Please dress appropriately to allow us to effectively analyse all body parts. We will devise a program that aims to address the major contributing factors to achieve long-lasting relief from lower back injury and pain.

Low Back Pain Physiotherapy

At Pro Health Care we take a multi faceted approach to low back pain. Our treatment for low back pain includes pain education, conservative techniques such as massage, dry needling, Pilates, yoga and other manual therapy techniques. These terms are probably all familiar to anyone who has been suffering with their back for an extended period of time. These techniques will be used in conjunction with a well structured progressive exercise program.

What sets our physio practitioners apart?

Our team of physiotherapists work closely with our exercise physiologists to ensure our patients have the best long term outcome. They are very rigorous with the techniques we teach to ensure that the patient fully understands the key areas they need to work on. Once we are happy with their technique, the emphasis is then placed on progressive overload or, in other words, increasing the amount of weight they lift. Patients will either train in our gym under the supervision of an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist. Others will follow a programme in their own gym and come back periodically to check their technique. Both ways work well and we have had good success with some very long term and painful backs.

Patient Care

Our physiotherapists will deliver quality, hands-on and exercise based care that is evidence based, proven and highly effective.

Patient Empowerment

Our physiotherapists will put in place an appropriate exercise, rehabilitation and maintenance program to ensure all patients have a clear understanding of how best to manage their condition to achieve the very best long-term results. Complement your physio with remedial massage, make a booking at our therapeutic remedial massage centre today.

Using a combination of treatments in each consultation session, and plans for your self-treatment in your own home, we give you the tools for recovery. In our clinics, we provide hands-on support and manipulation of muscles, as well as dry needling, strengthening Pilates, gym programs and hydrotherapy recommendations. Working alongside your general health practitioners, we ensure you gain holistic support.

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