Cervicogenic Headaches

Headaches are very common with statistics showing that over 90% of the population experiences at least one episode per year. They are especially common among office workers and people who have had prior injury to their neck ie. Whiplash. Cervicogenic Headache is the term used to describe a headache that is attributed to dysfunction of the neck. It is common for the symptoms to be on the one side, commencing from the neck and extending to the back of the head then frontal towards the eye. Often the headache is brought on by sitting for long periods of time in a forward head position ie. Using the computer, reading a book or sleeping in an awkward position. With time,stiff ness in the upper neck joints and trigger points in the muscles can lead to ongoing chronic headaches and associated neck pain. Thankfully Cervicogenic Headaches respond very well to “hands on” therapy by a physiotherapist such as joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage and acupuncture/dry needling. Further episodes can even be prevented by postural education,stretching and strengthening of the deep neck flexor muscles of the neck through a series of progressive exercises. If you are experiencing headaches that fi t this pattern, then book in to see one of our physiotherapists or remedial therapists for an assessment and treatment.

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