Orthotic Manufacturing Process

At Pro Podiatry SA we have a team of Podiatrists that pride ourselves on our ability to utilise custom orthotics effectively. There is a practical process in which we do this, which allows us to manufacture the best orthotic that we can, specific to our patient’s feet. Our initial consult with you is where the foundation for our treatment begins. This includes a thorough history taking and getting to know what your physical demands are for the week and observing your walking pattern. Once we have a clear understanding of the problem, we can choose to select a custom orthotic as a treatment.

The next step is scanning your feet. This gives us a three dimensional model of your feet to which we will design our orthotic to. Once we have designed our orthotics, they are milled out of an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) or Polypropylene material and have finishing features added if needed.

During your initial few weeks wearing your custom orthotics, a ‘wear-in’ protocol is advised to allow your feet and legs to adapt to your new walking pattern. If anything needs adjusting in this period, myself, Michael, Craig and Jake are highly skilled in making effective altercations to your custom orthotics!

Many Podiatrists will utilise custom orthotics in their clinic but what’s special with how Pro Podiatry use custom orthotics, we manufacture the orthotic ourselves, giving us full control and knowledge over the patient’s problems and creating an orthotic that will maximise benefit.

There are many conditions which can be treated effectively with custom orthotics. These include;

Plantarfasciopathy/ Heel Pain

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)

Nerve irritation in the foot

Achilles, Peroneal, Tibialis Posterior and Tibialis Anterior Tendinopathies

General Stability

Plus many more odd and interesting conditions!!

If you feel as though you may benefit from a customised orthotic, come visit Pro Podiatry SA where one of our friendly Podiatrists are always keen hear about your concerns and provide a plan moving forward to achieve your goals.

Pro Podiatry SA
Matt Brown, Podiatrist

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