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Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease

Managing Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem and cause of death in Australia. Common risk factors associated with heart disease include high blood cholesterol, being overweight, high blood pressure (and smoking). A healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. At Pro Nutrtition SA, our dietitians are experts in providing advice on how to specifically reduce these risks.

Metabolic Syndrome (or Syndrome X) is the name given to a cluster of symptoms or risk factors relating to heart disease and diabetes including abdominal (tummy) obesity, high blood cholesterol and fats, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, physical inactivity and smoking. As many of these risk factors are related to diet, our dietitians are most appropriately qualified to assist in the management of these risk factors and hence the prevention of associated morbidities.

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