Norwood – New and Returning Doctors

Our medical centre located in Norwood would like to welcome it’s new doctors that are coming on board as well as welcome back some returning doctors that are looking forward to seeing their patients again. We’d love to take this opportunity to introduce them to you so that you can get to know them a little better. We have also provided each doctors unique online booking URL so that you can easily book your appointment online.

Dr Jaein Lee

Dr Lee has now returned to our Norwood practice from maternity leave. She enjoys all aspects of general practice with a special interest in dermatology, paediatrics (completed Diploma of Child Health), and preventative health. In addition, Dr Lee performs minor office procedures (removal of foreign bodies, skin excisions/biopsy, iron infusion, ear micro-suction, steroid injections for keloid scars etc).

Dr Lee obtained her medical degree at Flinders University in 2013. Prior to commencing general practice training, she has worked in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital where she gained experience in various medical and surgical subspecialties. Dr Lee has limited working proficiency in Korean.

When she is not at work, she enjoys travelling when she can, good wine, gardening and spending as much time as she can with her husband and two young children.

To book an appointment with Dr Lee, please click HERE.

Dr Alice Mott-Lake

Dr Alice Mott-Lake is an Adelaide trained General Practitioner who practices at our Norwood clinic with a particular interest in Family Medicine, Endocrinology, Women’s Health and Sexual Health.
Dr Alice undertook her medical training at The University of Adelaide and graduated in 2015. Dr Alice trained through NAHLN (Lyell McEwin Hospital and Modbury Hospital) for her internship and resident year. She then worked at Blair Athol Medical Centre and Elizabeth Medical and Dental during and since her General Practice Training/Fellowship.

To book an appointment with Dr Mott-Lake, please click HERE.

Dr Alexandra Hall

Dr Alexandra Hall practices at our Norwood clinic with a special interest in Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Antenatal/Postnatal Care, Infertility and Paediatrics.

Dr Hall graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2014 and moved back to Adelaide this year to be closer to her family. Dr Hall worked at numerous tertiary hospitals in Perth, with a particular focus on paediatric/obstetric centres, before choosing General Practice as a specialty.

She has experience in General Practice clinics both rurally (Kimberley, WA) and in metro areas across Perth. Dr Hall enjoys establishing long-term relationships with her patients and their families and seeing them through all stages of life.

Outside of work, she enjoys travelling when she can and spending time with family and friends.

To book an appointment with Dr Hall, please click HERE.

Dr Natalie Chalder

Dr Natalie Chalder is a General Practitioner consulting from our Norwood Medical Centre with special interests in all General Practice medicine. Dr Natalie undertook her medical training in England and graduated in 2009.

Dr Natalie trained in the UK and worked in a range of medical and surgical specialities for two years post graduation and before moving to Australia. She has worked in Adelaide at Lyell McEwin Hospital in Emergency Medicine for a number of years as an Emergency trainee before transferring to General Practice training in 2016.

Dr Chalder enjoys the wide variety that General Practice offers. She especially likes the continuity of care in General Practice and the therapeutic relationships she makes with patients. Dr Chalder is also Certified in Implanon Insertions and can provide Iron Infusions.

To book an appointment with Dr Chalder, please click HERE.

Dr Emma Zwar

Dr Emma Zwar joined the Norwood Pro Health Care team in August 2021 after returning to her home town, Adelaide. Emma enjoys working with families in her role as a General Practitioner, through the provision of care spanning different generations and stages of life.

Emma provides evidence-based, holistic care with a particular interest in women’s and children’s health, sexual health and mental health, and is passionate about preventative health care and overall well-being. Dr Zwar is also able to provide iron infusions, Implanon insertion and removal as well as minor skin procedures.

After studying at The University of Adelaide, Emma worked across hospitals in Adelaide and Canberra, pursuing a broad exposure to different areas of medicine and surgery. She completed her GP training in Sydney, most recently working at Headspace Bondi Junction.

Emma is pleased to have settled back in Adelaide, and is enjoying raising her two children in the proximity of family. Dr Zwar is available for consults Tuesday through to Friday.

To book an appointment with Dr Zwar, please click HERE.

Dr Troye Wallett

Dr Troye Wallett is an Adelaide GP consulting from our Norwood Medical Centre with interests in Aged Care and Occupational Medicine.

Dr Wallett graduated from medicine at the University of Cape Town in 2001 and eventually received fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2011.

Upon receiving fellowship, Dr Wallett has spent time working in a number of private medical clinics as well as Aged Care Facilities, during which time he has developed a particular area of interest and expertise in Aged Care and the treatment of complex medical conditions.

To book an appointment with Dr Wallett, please click HERE.


Our practice is located on the corner of Kensington Road and Alfred Street at 93 Kensington Road with convenient disability access from the rear of the premises. Our Kensington Road practice is a 7-Day Medical Centre that is open on Saturday’s up to 5:00pm and Sunday’s until 1:00pm with same day appointment availability and a convenient online booking system.


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