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NDIS Podiatrist in Adelaide

The NDIS is an Insurance Scheme designed to assist young Australians up to the age of 65 achieve independence and achieve a range of goals through access to a range of health initiatives that include Podiatry and Podiatric Care.

At Pro Podiatry SA, our podiatry team are able to assist in developing, monitoring and progressing a tailored foot care program that aims to achieve your NDIS goals with initiatives that range from Routine Nail Care & Foot-Wear Purchasing to Orthotic Prescription and recommendation on a range of possible foot and ankle orthoses, as well as biomechanical analysis to offer tailored exercise prescription.

Our podiatrists work in multi-disciplinary settings, with access to a range of medical services, to ensure that our programs are multi-faceted and utilise access to the knowledge base and skill-set of other health professionals. In doing this, our podiatrists are able to achieve optimal health outcomes for our NDIS Participants in a team approach, with access to state of the art facilities

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