The Truth about Men’s Health!

Fact: Men do not live as long and have more health risks than women, so it is crucial that men become more aware about their health.

There are many things men can do to keep healthy and prevent medical conditions from occurring. A healthy diet and physical exercise are two obvious factors in maintaining optimal health, but visiting your GP regularly for preventative health check-ups is just as important. However it is quite well known that men do not look after themselves as well as they should, often forgetting to visit their doctor for a general check-up.

All Doctors and Practice Nurses at Pro Medical SA strongly encourage and advocate preventative medicine, which includes general health check-ups. The aim of the check-up is to help find, prevent or lessen the effect of diseases or medical conditions.

What should Men get checked exactly?

Annual Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, which includes:
– Blood pressure check
– Weight management
– Blood test
– Diet and exercise assessment and advice

Diabetes Risk Assessment

Bowel and Prostate Cancer Screening

Skin Health Check

Stop prolonging your health check-up, visit  your GP today!

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