Lisfranc Injury

What is a Lisfranc injury?

A Lisfranc injury occurs when there is a fracture or dislocation of the joints between the forefoot and the midfoot. This can result in tearing of the  ligaments that connect  these bones or fractures  in the bones themselves.

Lisfranc injuries occur  more commonly in  athletes, however, can also be experienced by the general population in instances of crush injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

What would a Lisfranc injury look or feel like?

A Lisfranc injury will commonly present with swelling and bruising around the midfoot, accompanied by pain when bearing weight on the affected foot. In most cases, pain will be worse when pushing off on the foot during walking.


If a Lisfranc injury is suspected, imaging may be necessary to identify the extent of injury. Following this, immediate offloading in a moon boot is required to allow for the injury to heal. This is very important in the early stages to avoid further injury by bearing unsupported weight on the foot. In instances of high grade fracture/dislocation, surgery may be required.

Short term management may also involve:

  1. Oral NSAIDs for pain relief (such as Neurofen or Voltaren)
  2. RICE protocol – rest, ice, compression, elevation.

After the acute phase of management has concluded, your Podiatrist will create a rehabilitation plan to aid with your return to activity or sport, involving:

  1. Load management – decreasing intensity, volume, and frequency of activity and slowly building it back up to normal
  2. Strength and conditioning – exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the Lisfranc complex, allowing it to bear more load
  3. Orthotic therapy – assist in redistributing pressure from painful areas to other areas across the foot
  4. Footwear advice/prescription – picking out a shoe that has specific features to cater for you and your particular injury.

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