Is your child a fussy eater?

Meal times can become an unhappy battle field if you have a toddler or small child who is fussy over food. As parents it is normal to be concerned about your child’s nutritional intake. Here are some tips to encourage healthy eating and keep meal times fun and enjoyable.

1. Set a good example and share meal times as a family.

2. Turn the television off and remove all toys from the table.

3. Get the children involved. Have the children help prepare the meal, set the table or serve the meal. They are more likely to be interested when they have helped prepare the meal

4. Encourage good eating with positive comments and try to ignore the food refusal or less positive behaviour. Children love attention from adults and will thrive on it.

5. Avoid force feeding or pressuring your child to eat more.

Remember that it is ok for children to dislike some foods. If your child is showing fussy or faddy eating habits, a dietary review with your Pro-Nutrition Dietitian can help ensure your child receives a healthy and balanced diet for growth and development.

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