Refreshing Infused Water

Here are some ideas for flavoured waters using natural fruits and herbs.  If you refrigerate for a few hours, the flavours will have time to really infuse. You can use still or sparkling water, and can make a whole jug, or just one glass by reducing the ingredients. Try your own delicious combinations.

Cucumber and mint water

Make long thin slices from one cucumber with a vegetable peeler, and add to a large jug of water, with a handful of fresh mint leaves.

Mango and lime water

Add a few slices of fresh mango, or slices of mango from a tin (drained), with one thinly sliced lime, including the zesty peel, to one large jug of water.

Apple, pear and cinnamon water

Add a slices of red apple and green pear, with 1 stick of cinnamon, to a large jug of water.

Strawberry and lemon water

Wash and slice a punnet of fresh strawberries and one lemon, with the rind, and add to a large jug of water.

Watermelon and basil water

Add about 2 cups of fresh watermelon chunks/balls (without rind) to a large jug of water, with a handful of fresh basil leaves, gently crushed to help release the flavours.

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