Exercise Physiologists Adelaide

Exercise Physiologists Adelaide

Find Expert Exercise Physiologists in Adelaide

Our exercise physiologists in Adelaide focus on preventing and treating injury and chronic illness through structured exercise participation.

Exercises incorporate a range of disciplines, including cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, personal training, and exercise prescription. Furthermore, we design exercise programs that encourage lifestyle changes long-term and provide motivation to achieve your goals.

Exercise physiologists work closely with general practitioners, cardiologists, orthopaedic specialists, rheumatologists, and other specialists. As a result, we tailor programs that will assist patients in achieving individual health goals.

We are also proud to provide expert advice to clients at all stages of their exercise program. This includes consultation on relevant exercises and purchasing exercise equipment. So, we ensure that you can use your equipment with the safety and confidence required by those recovering from injury or surgery.

Additionally, we are happy to refer you to our qualified allied health professionals for further treatment if required. Our Adelaide health centre is easy to access from all city areas.

Strength for Life by Exercise Physiologists in Adelaide

At Pro Health Care in Adelaide, our exercise physiologists have a Strength for Life program tailored to your fitness needs. The first step to starting Strength for Life is to visit our Adelaide exercise physiologist.

An initial assessment will involve a detailed medical history and functional movement screen to determine your current fitness level and capacity for exercise. Your exercise physiologist will also discuss your goals and provide recommendations on how best to achieve them.

Strength for Life is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their strength and maintain their health. People who have long-term medical conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis or diabetes could benefit from the program. It also allows people aged 50 years and over to continue living independently through activities such as gardening without pain.

As a member of the Strength for Life program, you will be required to attend several gym sessions during weekdays. The sessions are usually 40 minutes long and include warm-ups, strength training exercises, and a cool-down.

Exercise Physiologists Adelaide
Exercise Physiologists Adelaide

Certified Exercise Physiologists in Adelaide

The Pro Health Care team of exercise physiologists in Adelaide understand the importance of forming relationships with our clients based on transparency and trust. Therefore, we’re against using medical jargon and instead make it easy to talk about your health with your exercise physiologist.

Our exercise physiologists will take the time to listen to you, ask the right questions, and develop a follow-up plan in between appointments.

Our team of exercise physiologists believe that it’s important to set small and achievable goals on a regular basis to help motivate our patients and build a framework for success. We pride ourselves on setting individualised, patient specific programs that are centred around your goals and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Pro Health Care has a team of trained and professional exercise physiologists in Adelaide. We offer a range of exercise programs suitable for every fitness level.

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