Children’s Podiatry Adelaide

Children's Podiatry Adelaide

Your Trusted Children’s Podiatry in Adelaide

Our children’s podiatry in Adelaide has a special interest in the treatment of children’s foot problems. As a podiatrist, it is vital to understand the physical development of the foot and leg from conception to birth and beyond. This is why we have only experienced and skilled podiatrists in our medical centres.

Our ethos and core values originate from the work of prominent Principal Podiatrists within our Adelaide Podiatry Clinics. Since the establishment of Pro Health Care in 2007, we have structured our practice around our patients. We also emphasise a holistic approach to managing health and well-being through podiatry services and multi-disciplinary care.

Our staff and practitioners operate through a medical framework that focuses on collaborative reasoning and communication. This combination of values shapes our path to achieving the highest possible standards of care for our patients. Our podiatrists are highly trained to treat any foot conditions in children of all ages.

Professional Children’s Podiatry Services in Adelaide

Our children’s podiatry in Adelaide offers a group of podiatrist services and orthotic dispensing practices. Whether the issue has risen due to general wear and tear, sports-related problems, or childhood growth issues, our professionals can provide the right treatment. Our team is highly skilled with a special interest in sports podiatry, injury management and rehabilitation. We offer the best possible treatment by working with the utmost care, dedication and professionalism.

Our podiatrists provide custom orthotic fabrication for the utmost precision and the specification of each patient. The materials we work with are designed to last and have you walking again sooner. Our Adelaide Podiatry team offers services such as;

  • Toenail and skin management
  • Foot and gait assessment
  • Paediatric foot assessment and care
  • Wart treatment and toenail surgery, including fungal nail conditions.

With our medical centres scattered across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, you will never struggle to find one that is convenient for you

Children's Podiatry Adelaide
Children's Podiatry Adelaide

Contacting Our Children’s Podiatry Adelaide

Our children’s podiatrists in Adelaide understand that every child is different in how they grow and develop. Many changes occur through the early stages of a child’s life. Here are some of the few physical changes that you may see as your child grows;

  • From the first year, the knees are bow-legged, but this reduces as the child begins walking. The position over-corrects to become knock-kneed when the child reaches three or four years.
  • Newborns can touch their toes against their front shin. This is a vital aspect of walking. At Pro Health Care, we use instruments and weight-bearing range of motion assessment to reveal any impediments or muscle tightness.
  • A child’s feet will also appear very flat as they begin walking, which is very normal.

Most foot conditions can be identified and prevented in childhood. Understand the different changes that happen with your child’s feet, so you can know when to contact any of our podiatrists.

Please get in touch with our offices for any questions about our children’s podiatry services in Adelaide.

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