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Childhood Biomechanical Screenings

As your children are developing it is important they are functioning efficiently and effectively from the ground up to ensure they have a happy and healthy future. Here at Pro Podiatry we see the importance of good foot posture and gait to minimise the risk of injury and/or any long term deformities.

The importance of good foot posture…

As Children are normally very active it is essential they are functioning physically well to prevent them missing out on sports, school play times and other activities.

By the age of 7 the majority of bones in the foot are consolidated and foot posture is relatively stable for their future years. By the age of approximately 13 for girls and 15 for boys the foot is fully grown and in its adult form.

Common foot injuries as a result of poor biomechanics…

There are many common injuries of the foot and lower limb that can develop due to poor foot posture and function such as Severs disease (heel pain), in-toeing, leg length discrepancies, shin splints, muscle pains, and in severe cases stress fractures can develop.

As with any abnormalities in the body, the earlier they are assessed and treated the better the outcomes.

What is a biomechanical screening…

Our team of podiatrists are able to perform a battery of tests and if necessary, a scan of the foot, to determine any factors in foot posture that may contribute to injury. These tests look at a number of issues including muscle length, strength and recruitment, as well as joint mobility and alignment.

If you are concerned about your child’s walking or running pattern or are just wanting piece of mind, please do not hesitate to contact Pro Podiatry at one of our clinics or book online today!

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