Breast Checks

Breast checks are important for the early detection of breast cancer. Pro Health Care recommends all women have their GP perform a breast check at least annually. They also recommend self-checking once a month after the menstrual cycle, a self-check should include:

  • Looking at your breasts in the mirror with hands on hips as well as raised above your head
  • Feeling breasts in a circular motion with a flat hand whilst lying down and whilst standing in the shower

Your GP can teach you the breast check technique.  It’s important to get to know what ‘normal’ feels like for your breasts so you can easily notice any changes such as:

  • Dimpling, puckering or bulging of the skin
  • Any changes in shape or discharge of the nipple
  • Redness, soreness, rash or swelling

If you notice any of the above changes please make an appointment to see your GP.

From the age of 50 all women are eligible for a free mammogram at Breastscreen SA, patients 40 -50 have the option to self-refer.

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