Alleviating Lower Back Pain

As a treating physician at Pro Remedial we consult with an alarming number of patients who suffer from lower back pain. As well as treating the issue at hand it is just as important to not only receive direct treatment from a massage therapist or physiotherapist but to strengthen the weakened areas involved in lower back discomfort.

In most cases we see what we therapists like to call ‘Lower Cross Syndrome’. This simply means that overuse in the lower back area through work life, sleep patterns, exercise and stress causes the body to develop a postural realignment to suit the individuals daily function. If you were to draw an oblique line through the rectus abdominis (abs) and the gluteus maximus (buttocks), these would be the areas that have weakened/overstretched over time. You could draw the other imaginary oblique line through the lumbar spine (lower back) and the hip flexor region/rectus femoris (lower stomach and upper thigh) – these areas are the tight ones. There are also other structures involved in lower back pain such as vertebrae and disc, however these areas are affected in more severe cases.

Looking at the bigger picture we therefore attempt to release the tighter muscles of the hip flexor and lower back region; and in some cases the gluteals. The next part is up to the client/massage therapist/physio to design a tailored strengthening program to engage those weakened muscles i.e. the gluteals and especially the abdominal region. This will assist in correcting the postural dysfunction created over time.

Anyone can suffer from lower cross syndrome so it’s important to seek professional help from one of our highly trained remedial therapists or physiotherapists at Pro Health Care for a collaborative effort in restoring your body to its optimum functional state.

If you require any further information please contact Pro Health Care.

John Smith, Massage Therapist

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