Aged Care Home Support Services

As we age, maintaining independence becomes an important and common goal among older Australians. Older adults have spent their lives living independently and to lose this due to age can sometimes be discouraging and upsetting. A decline in mobility, inability to perform routine health care, physical and mental health conditions are just some of the barriers to independence that our ageing population faces. Focusing on improving these barriers can help older Australians maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Home Physiotherapy Support is one way to manage these barriers. Retaining strength and balance is an important factor for those who want to maintain their independence as they age. With increased age comes an increased risk of falling and being seriously injured. A physiotherapist can prescribe and work on certain exercises specific to the individual to help maintain their muscle mass and core balance. This is a great way to prevent falls and serious injury which are big factors in long-term loss of independence.

In addition to physical therapy, it’s important that seniors receive routine foot care. Feet are our foundation and if they aren’t well looked after, mobility can decrease which doesn’t allow the patient to get the most out of their physical therapy. Home Podiatry Support assists older adults to care for their feet to ensure their feet remain healthy and don’t hinder their progress. Together, podiatry and physiotherapy support within the comfort and safety of your home can assist in maintaining independence and sense of purpose.

Pro Support Services provides high quality aged care home support services to elderly Australians.  Above all, our ethos is to support our patients in fulfilling their health related goals by taking a holistic-approach to health and well-being. In addition, our highly experienced allied health practitioners understand the importance of maintaining independence when ageing. Working with our patients, their families and extended care providers, we strive to achieve optimal treatment outcomes. Appointments can be made by emailing

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