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Toothache is one of the most excruciating of all types of pain and, if left unaddressed, can lead to some serious general health issues. In the case of an abscess, for example, without the proper treatment infection can spread to other areas of not just the jaw, but also your body. In a worst-case scenario, it becomes acute and leads to systemic toxicity, which can prove to be fatal.

It is incredibly important that visits to the dentist aren’t forgotten about (or ignored), as prevention is a great way to rest assured that it’s unlikely you’ll have an abscessed tooth. A biannual check-up will show any issues that may have arisen early on, which allows work to be undertaken before it becomes a serious problem.

A dentist practice close to West Lakes providing several services under one roof

Further to providing our patients with preventative dentistry services such as oral examinations, fluoride treatment and more, we are proud to also offer several other areas of assistance including:


Teeth whitening as well as porcelain and composite resin veneers.


Fillings, implants, bridges and crowns plus therapy for root canals.


Invisalign orthodontics, dentures, sleep apnoea and assistance for those suffering dental anxiety.


Proudly providing an extensive list of services for children and young adults of all ages.

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If there is anything that remains unclear about how we’re able to help you, or if you’d like to schedule in an appointment at a time that suits you best, get in contact with us today. You can do so by either calling our clinic located just south of West Lakes at Kidman Park on 8356 2299 and talking with one of our helpful staff directly, or completing our appointment booking form online (and we’ll respond ASAP with a confirmation).

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