Cupping Therapy in Adelaide at Pro Remedial SA


What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is one of the oldest methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is applied for the relief of local congestion by using a glass or plastic cup to create a vacuum effect on the skin. The negative pressure causes blood stasis and thereby promotes localized healing in both superficial and deep muscles. It is also believed that cupping is able to drain excess fluids through the promotion of increased activity in the lymphatic system, (such as may occur within swollen joints following injury or with various chronic arthropathies). Cupping has been found to have an effect of up to 4 inches within the tissue to which it is applied.

Cupping can also be applied to acupoints to reduce tension associated with muscular spasm. Each acupoint with its internal nature affects the body in a particular way. The treatment of a combination of these points provides a powerful solution to many disharmonies and is extremely effective in achieving fast and long lasting results in many conditions.

After the treatment, Cupping will leave some bruise-like marks on the skin. This is not part of the treatment effect and will completely resolve with time.
At Pro Remedial SA, our massage therapists are trained in the application of cupping to treat a range of disorders in conjunction with other forms of massage therapy.

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