Pain management Counselling


Everyone suffers pain at some point in their lives and for different reasons. For some people, pain may be temporary and bearable, whilst for others it may be long term and chronic.

Pain will often have a significant impact on quality of life and the ability to perform activities that are considered normal for others. Pain can cause distress and can affect psychological well-being, often being associated with depression, frustration and eventual social withdrawal.

There are many pain management guidelines and solutions that can be put in place to help people better manage and cope with pain. It is not often known that counsellors and psychotherapists deal with pain management guidelines and solutions.

At Pro Psychology SA, our Psychologists take an holistic approach to pain management – often blending therapies together – so that each client receives what works best for them. This is called integrative counselling. Our service is confidential and discreet and we will work towards setting small, achievable goals as part of the cognitive behavioural therapy process.

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