Professional Hypnotherapy in Adelaide


There are so many potential benefits of this type of treatment. While it may conjure up images of a hypnotist on a stage performing a show, it is indeed far from that. Our clinics offering hypnotherapy with fully-trained and experienced hypnotherapists can assist with a range of health issues without the need for drugs.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) is a process used in clinical work during which a person experiences an altered state of attention or degree of awareness. Alterations in perception, which occur when a person becomes absorbed to such a degree that his/her usual responses to stimuli are altered, are utilised to find and amplify people’s resources to enable them to overcome difficulties or to handle challenges in their lives.

What can Hypnosis be used to treat?

Some of the areas that are commonly targeted using the focusing techniques of hypnosis include the management of:

  • Pain without drugs
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Stress-related disorders
  • Depression

The power of hypnosis is truly quite remarkable. From suggesting the altered physical perception of numbness to enable someone to undergo surgery without the use of chemical anaesthesia, to suggesting that someone imagine themselves in vivid detail confidently managing a previously anxiety-provoking situation to enable them to then go out and confidently manage that situation in real life.

Empirical studies have demonstrated that hypnosis enhances the efficacy of many of the therapeutic interventions used by health care practitioners. Hypnosis, being a natural state that can occur in a person whenever they become totally absorbed in what they are doing, is a natural and safe process when used by trained hypnotists.

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At Pro Psychology SA, our psychologists are trained hypnotherapists and offer this service in Adelaide as an adjunct to various other available treatment strategies. All treatment options will be discussed and explained at the time of consultation.

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