Adelaide Counselling for Depression


We all have our good and bad days, but if you feel as though your bad days far outweigh the good ones and are affecting your life in a negative way, it may be a good idea to speak with a professional. A common condition that will affect one in three people at some time in their life, depression is a complicated illness with many different symptoms and causes.

Changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns and overwhelming feelings of despair are often the first signs.

Many sufferers become emotionally detached from those around them and withdraw into a world of their own. Some describe it like being in a prison with no windows or doors, which can alienate friends and relatives, increasing the isolation.

Counselling in Adelaide for all types of depression

There are many different types of depression, including:

  • Bipolar Disorder / Manic Depression
  • Postnatal Depression
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

There is no one cause – it is often an interaction of genetic factors, body chemistry and life events. It spans the spectrum of negative states from feeling low to severe or clinical.

For many people it follows some kind of loss; the death of a loved one, redundancy, divorce, illness or else it follows a period of stress. This is sometimes called reactive depression. Grief and sadness are natural responses to such loss but depression is an illness and has major differences which can be difficult to spot.

If a low mood has lasted for more than two weeks or is starting to interfere with your life it may be time to seek help. The shame that has been attached to mental illness often increases the distress and isolation of depression.

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At Pro Psychology SA, our psychologists aim to work closely with patients to overcome their illnesses through carefully structured counselling sessions that aim to identify underlying reasons and barriers for the depressed state. Our psychologists will be able to offer guidance and advice on how to move forward and overcome these barriers via hypnosis and other methods.

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