Physiotherapy Treatment in Adelaide

Pro Physio SA is a group of Adelaide Physio and Pilates Practices that are focused on providing the very best physiotherapy treatment, intervention and rehabilitation. Whether you have acquired an injury due to sports or general activity, or you have a pre-existing condition, we are able to help implement a tailored treatment plan that aims to restore you to optimum health and mobility.

Sports physiotherapy services for your recovery

Whether you are training at the elite level, or you simply enjoy regular exercise, there are times when you may injure yourself. In these moments, our sports physio services are here for you, providing an in-depth physical exam, in order to treat the problem at its source.

Using a combination of treatments in each consultation session, and plans for your self-treatment in your own home, we give you the tools for recovery. In our clinics, we provide hands-on support and manipulation of muscles, as well as dry needling, strengthening Pilates, gym programs and hydrotherapy recommendations. Working alongside your general health practitioners, we ensure you gain holistic support.

What sets our sports physio practitioners apart?

We are committed to consistent professional development to ensure that we deliver the latest techniques in evidence based management of sporting & musculoskeletal Injuries. All our physiotherapists have further post-graduate training covering areas of:

  • Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Industrial Physiotherapy
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Offering warm and personalised care, we will treat you in the utmost comfort, in our purpose-built clinics throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. We place your needs first in developing a custom treatment plan and working with your exact needs.

Adelaide Metro and Adelaide Hills Practice Locations for your Convenience

Dedicated to your health needs, we are ready to give you a comprehensive consultation in our clinics. Contact us for more information about our sports physio services by calling one of the numbers listed above. We will be more than happy to schedule a time-effective appointment for you that works around your busy schedule. With a range of physio centres in the Adelaide Hills and metropolitan areas we have a centre location for all your physiotherapy needs.

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Our practice philosophy is patient-centred and ensures the following key elements:


Our physiotherapists will take the time to explain all aspects of injury including the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Patient Care

Our physiotherapists will deliver quality, hands-on and exercise based care that is evidence based, proven and highly effective.

Patient Empowerment

Our physiotherapists will put in place an appropriate exercise, rehabilitation and maintenance program to ensure all patients have a clear understanding of how best to manage their condition to achieve the very best long-term results. Complement your physio with remedial massage, make a booking at our therapeutic remedial massage centre today.

Our team of highly trained physiotherapists service the Adelaide United Football Club together with a range of other elite and semi-professional sporting clubs throughout Adelaide.

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