Treatment for Tennis Elbow at Pro Physio SA



Tennis elbow is a common overuse degenerative injury involving the muscles and tendons which attach to the lateral elbow. A misnomer about ‘tennis elbow’ is that it is a degenerative pathology rather than an inflammatory pathology. A person will experience an aching but sometimes sharp pain on the outside of their elbow which is worsened upon activity but eased with rest. Other common symptoms include: difficulty with gripping (e.g. turning on a tap, opening a door knob) or a feeling of weakness in the arm. Contributing to Tennis elbow may be poor ergonomics, poor posture and poor muscular endurance and strength of supporting muscles around the shoulder and shoulder blade.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists can thoroughly assess and diagnose the extent of the injury and provide appropriate advice regarding management of Tennis Elbow. Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists are able to perform specific tests and assessment techniques to not only help diagnose your problem but to also identify any contributing factors to your problem. Our Physiotherapists at Pro Physio SA are all highly trained to be able to assess and plan a treatment program that is suitable for you to help you return to your normal activities.


Research has shown that treatment of tennis elbow requires activity modification and gradual strengthening exercises of your elbow and wrist muscles. Our physiotherapists at Pro Physio SA will provide you with advice and education in regards to the activity modification and will tailor a rehabilitation program specific to you. Our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of tennis elbow which includes, but is not limited to: specific exercise prescription, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, advice and education, electrotherapy, massage, dry needling/acupuncture and taping.

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