Sports Physio in Adelaide at Pro Physio SA

What is Sports Physio?

Sports Physiotherapy is the practice of a more advanced form of assessment, diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Sports Physiotherapy entails a thorough and evidence-based approach to patient management that includes the identification of muscular impairments that act as a contributing factor to injuries.

Sports Physiotherapy focuses on the management of musculo-skeletal conditions by addressing these contributing factors as well as the pathology itself, in this way ensuring prevention of re-injury. Such modalities include Real-Time Ultrasound assessment, EMG studies, Video Analysis of technique and much more.

How do I find a Sports Physio in Adelaide?

At Pro Physio SA, a number of our Adelaide Physiotherapists are trained Sports Physiotherapists with Post-Graduate Masters Qualifications and extensive experience in this field, practising at advanced levels of service provision and undertaking ongoing professional development in the area of Sports Physiotherapy to ensure that we provide the highest level of patient care.

How do I make an appointment with an Adelaide Sports Physio?

Appointments with one of our sports physiotherapists can be requested by clicking here.