Treatment for Shin Splints at Pro Physio SA


What are Shin Splints?

Shin pain can be a common complaint amongst athletes or in those who participate in regular exercise or activity such as running. The term ‘shin splints’ commonly describes pain along the inner border of the shin. From a clinical perspective, shin pain commonly involves one or more of the pathological processes of: bone stress, inflammation and increased intracompartmental pressure in your lower leg. A major cause of shin pain occurs due to abnormal biomechanics in your lower limb and foot.

How are Shin Splints Diagnosed?

Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapists are highly trained in assessing and identifying the contributing factors which may be contributing to developing shin pain. At Pro Physio SA the physiotherapists will thoroughly assess your history and biomechanics and collaboratively work with you in helping you return to your normal activity.

What Physio Treatment is required for Shin Splints?

Here at Pro Physio SA, our  highly trained physiotherapists are able to help you by providing appropriate advice regarding footwear, education regarding warming up, stretching and cool down, as well as treating the contributing factors to the problem. Treatment for shin pain may include (but is not limited to):

  • Stretching of tight muscles
  • Massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release
  • Dry Needling/Acupuncture
  • Designing an appropriate strengthening program
  • Prescription of orthotics
  • Footwear advice

Your physiotherapist at Pro PhysioSA may also refer you to a podiatrist if appropriate.

How do I make an appointment with a Sports Physio in Adelaide for my Shin Splints?

Appointments to assess and treat shin splints can be requested by clicking here.