Rehabilitation in Adelaide at Pro Physio SA

What is Rehabilitation?

Pro Physio SA places a strong emphasis on Rehabilitation following any musculo-skeletal injury. We believe that Rehabilitation empowers the patient to permanently fix their condition without the need for ‘maintenance’ programs. We focus on addressing issues of muscular imbalance by identifying areas of tension and/or weakness and implementing a program to specifically address this. The practice is equipped with an advanced Pilates & Strength and Conditioning Studio to ensure that your rehabilitation can be undertaken as effectively as possible.

What is a Real-Time Ultrasound?

Real-Time Ultrasound is a high frequency imaging apparatus commonly used in the diagnosis of musculo-skeletal injuries. Most people may be familiar with the use of real-time ultrasound to view the status of a baby’s development during pregnancy. At our Adelaide Physio & Pilates Clinic, we use Real-Time Ultrasound in conjunction with EMG Units for both diagnostic and training purposes that include core-stability programs for the Spine, post-surgical rehabilitation, pre-season screening for injury prevention and much more.

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