Hydrotherapy in Adelaide at Pro Physio SA


What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is an excellent form of exercise for a range of musculo-skeletal conditions. The benefits of performing your rehabilitation in the water are that the weight-bearing forces are significantly less on the body, such that it is well suited for acute sporting/whiplash/work-related injuries, as well as anti-natal, post-natal and all arthritis related conditions.

How do I start Hydrotherapy in Adelaide?

Our hydrotherapy programs are initially formulated during a one on one consultation with one of our Adelaide Physiotherapists. Once your condition has  been assessed, a program is established for you which you carry out under the supervision of our physiotherapist in a class environment.

How do I book for Hydrotherapy Classes in Adelaide?

Bookings are essential and can be made with one of our friendly Receptionists at the time of seeing our Physiotherapist for an initial assessment.


Initial Session: $40, Group Session: $19.50 or $12.50 for entry only. Classes are funded through private health insurance. Concession rates are also available.

What to bring

Bathers, towel, change of clothes.

Where are Hydrotherapy Classes in Adelaide?

At Pro Physio SA, our Hydrotherapy Classes are held at Seaton Swimming Centre, 1 Wilford Ave, Seaton

Class Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays : 1-2pm

Appointments with one of our Adelaide Physiotherapists can be requested by clicking here.