Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Pregnancy brings with it many changes, and some of the most common musculo-skeletal issues seen in pregnancy tend to be: back pain, pelvic instability and weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. Pilates is a form of exercise which helps to safely strengthen the core, back and pelvic floor muscles, in a very comfortable way which does not put any strain on the back or pelvic joints. There are many benefits in strengthening these muscles during pregnancy, including:

1. To reduce the strain on your back muscles as your posture and body changes
2. Improving pelvic stability
3. Preventing or limiting any antenatal incontinence.

Pilates is a great way to effectively manage and prevent these conditions during pregnancy in a very safe and comfortable way. These classes are also perfect for postnatal women and a great way to lead into becoming active again! Pro Physio SA now provides a specific Pregnancy Pilates Class at our Kidman Park clinic. Classes are currently on Thursday nights at 6:40pm and instructed by Kathryn Meade, Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

For further information on Fitness & Exercise during pregnancy visit the SA Health Website.