Antenatal Care at Pro Medical SA

Antenatal care refers to the care given to expectant mothers throughout the term of their pregnancy. At Pro Medical SA, our Doctors will liaise with the treating Obstetrician throughout the pregnancy. Our Doctors may recommend regular routine assessments throughout the pregnancy to monitor the health of both the mother and foetus.
Some of the sequential aspects of antenatal care may include any of the following:

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy (Pregnancy Test)
  • Education and Advice regarding a number of health issues, including:
    • Alcohol, Smoking, Diet and Exercise (referral to a relevant Pro Health Care Allied Health Practitioner may be recommended)
  • Referral to Obstetrician and / or any other relevant Specialists as may be required
  • Blood Tests and Diabetic Screenings as may be required throughout the pregnancy term

Appointments with our Women’s Health Doctors can be requested by clicking here.