Adelaide Practice Offering Quality Dental Care for Children


Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important for everyone, but it is particularly vital for children to receive proper care in their younger years. As they grow, kids’ mouths are constantly changing as new teeth push through and a number of issues can turn into more serious problems if left unattended.

At Pro Dental SA for Kids, we want your children to have the best dental health possible. It’s important to visit a children’s dentist as young as 2 years of age in order to detect any problems in growth and oral health as soon as possible.

Early visits also get them used to having their teeth checked and helps establish good habits early on in life, relieving any problems of visits as they get older. Visit our kids’ dentist in Adelaide and set your family up for a lifetime of good health and happiness.

A children’s dentist you can trust for treatment of the highest standard

At Pro Dental SA for Kids, we offer a comprehensive range of dental care for children, infants and adolescents, including:

  • Examinations (check-ups) and maintenance
  • Caries (decay) risk assessment
  • Preventive dentistry including diet counselling and modification
  • Advice pertinent to periodontal (gum) disease, oral habits and accident prevention
  • Digital x-rays
  • Fissure sealants
  • Restorative treatment (such as fillings)
  • Extractions
  • Custom-fitted mouthguards
  • Management of dental injuries
  • Orthodontic assessment and referral

Whatever it is your child needs, we understand that they may be daunted by the experience. For this reason, we go above and beyond to make our younger customers feel at home so that you don’t have to wrestle them into the car for a visit to a kid’s dentist. We even have ceiling mounted TV’s so your child can watch their favourite show during their consultation. Whether it’s a simple check-up or a custom-fitted mouthguard, we always put your child’s needs first as part of our comprehensive approach to health care.

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Remember, kids require regular visits to the dentist to maintain optimum dental health and hygiene as they grow. Keep your little ones smiling by clicking here to request an appointment with a children’s dentist in Adelaide