Dental Fillings in Adelaide at Pro Dental SA


Dental fillings are used to restore worn or damaged teeth and treat tooth decay and cavities.

What are Dental Fillings made of?

Dental amalgam (metal alloy) is a strong, inexpensive material that is commonly used for filling teeth, especially the molars (back teeth). In recent years, alternative white fillings and tooth-coloured filling materials have also become more common and affordable.

The many and varied filling options, including costs associated with them, will be carefully considered and discussed with you at the time of your consultation with a member of our dental team. This will ensure that you are well informed to make a decision regarding the material used for your filling that is both suitable and effective in dealing with your needs and situation.

Improvements in oral health mean the need for fillings generally is on the decline. Thorough and regular cleaning of your teeth and a healthy diet can help to eliminate dental decay and avoid the need for fillings. At Pro Dental SA, we place an emphasis on preventive dental measures including regular dental check-ups to make sure any problems are identified and treated early.

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